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There life has gone on full speed ahead, what sandwich a neighbor has built to himself. Look, he has a sandwich panels collected in the city of Hays and has a garage constructed. PVC panels for bath. Instantly has made! I don't understand how this sandwich works, will the garage stand, indeed? And will it be warn? Do you know something about a sandwich panel? Tell me, it is pleasant to me, interested me and I want a sandwich garage to myself! A sandwich panel represent a three-layer construction. External elements are sheets of metal, there is a heat insulation material (a mineral wool, expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foam) between them. Making a sandwich panels is quite large building materials market segment in Hays. The thermal conductivity of the sandwich panels. The production process is completely automated and allows to produce wide range of high quality products.

Low-cost sandwich panel

Types of a sandwich panels

A three-layer construction of panels in Hays, undoubtedly, is the main in their manufacture. However, there is a number of nuances. Finishing PVC panels. There are the following types a sandwich panels according to a proper use and a method of assembly procedure: Wall panels have a smooth surface of external layers, at the same time one of surfaces will have a decorative print. They are used, as a rule, for panelling of internal and exteriorl walls. Roof panels have the profiled first layer (sometimes on both sides) with more marked trapezoid ribbing. Also they differ from wall panels by wide protective polymeric layer. It make better its characteristics of wear resistance and weathering resistance as the roffing material. Panels of automatic assembly (monolithic panels) – represent already assembled ready units with the built-in locks and butterfly screws for the further installation. Panels of elemental assembly represent a group of separate components (two layers of an external panelling and a sheet of insulation – a core). Line sandwich panel. During installation in Hays each layer is fastened, properly, separately, sequentially one after another. Also, thanks to element-by-element assembly, during construction it is possible to increase heat-insulating properties of material by increasing heater thickness.

PVC sandwich-panels

A PVC sandwich panels for office partitions is the direction of PVC sandwiches using gained popularity in Hays, also they mount a door assembly of them; use at installation of window units. The factory of sandwich panels. They serve for esconson decorating that is beautiful, besides they have sound-proofing and thermoinsulating properties. The PVC sandwich panel is an excellent design decision of construction in Hays and in the area. Long durability is very important, up to 100 years.

Characteristics of a sandwich panels

A sandwich blocks or a sandwich panels, thanks to their physical-mechanical properties, are widely used in building industry, especially in a public works construction in Hays or refurbishment of old buildings. The main benefits of this building material are the following characteristics: high heat-insulating rates, high soundproofing rates, resistance to effect of harsh chemicals. Stability to effect of natural and biological organisms (fungus, mold, etc.). The hygiene of a product and its ecological compatibility, panels are safe for using in housing sector. Low weight, so, the lowest pressure on the foundation of the main construction. Installation of MDF panels on wall. During installation of panels the additional external finish isn't required. They are easily moved. Using the panels in a construction or refurbishment noticeably reduces terms of works realization. Alternative low price in Hays in comparison with the cost of alternative building materials.


A sandwich panels in Hays are very often taken in implementation of various construction projects: construction of industrial and warehouse buildings; construction of outlets (shops, comercial pavilions) and feed points (snackbars, coffee houses and cafe); construction of sports buildings; construction of farm buildings; in a public works construction; in construction of household buildings and prefabricated buildings in personal subsidiary farm (garages, warehouses). Prefabricated constructions of a sandwich panels — designs and premises which are easily and quickly assembled. Construction of sandwich panels. They are fail-safe, multifunction, economic. They have longer useful life. Prefabricated designs in Hays, especially recently, became very popular.

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How to get a sandwich panels?

To buy a sandwich panels in Hays, you need to fill attentively an application form on the site, having left the contact information. Surely specify date and delivery hours, the number of units of sandwich panels. Bath of sandwich panels. In the near future the a sandwich panels seller will contact you for confirmation of your application. In the automatic mode on given algorithm the script will calculate your discount and will show final price. For you a discount. Use promo code aithen-kieon. The quick courier in Hays will bring a sandwich panels to address provided in due time. Good construction!


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